About our home

Our home was built in 1980 and has undergone several updates and additions but none as extensive as what we did,  Once the paperwork was signed we started in on what turned out to be a year and a half long project.  The home was basically gutted.  Wood paneling walls, flooring, electrical, bathrooms, kitchen, plugs, switches, lights, doors, etc.  Not much remains from the past owners.  We did keep the red phone in the toilet because we thought it was funny and the gas fireplace was practical and attractive.  Since the red curtain matched the fireplace we held onto that too.  The rest of the interior is new.

Making the drive from Seattle to Oregon every weekend to work on the house quickly became a chore.  The weekends were exhausting and we were usually a little sore Monday morning.  Once we had flooring and walls things turned around though.  It was no longer a construction zone; we could have beds with sheets, a kitchen to cook in and a couch to rest on when the day was finally over.  Through it all we found inspiration and rejuvenation in our brief visits to the beach.  Within a few minutes we would remember why it was all worth it.  By the time we reached the end (I don't think it will ever really be done really) we absolutely loved coming down to the house to work.  With the really hard projects over came shorter work days, guests, more trips to the beach and more family time away from the busy life at home.

We hope you enjoy our home as much as we do.  Relax, unwind and get to know your friends a family a little bit better in this cozy home away from home.

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